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Tree canopy against a sky background with oxygen O2 and carbon dioxide CO2 molecules - Car

Oxygen Aromatherapy Bar

The Benefits of Oxygen Aromatherapy

Increases memory capacity, stimulates brain activity, heightens concentration, boosts the immune system, lessens chronic fatigue syndrome, calms your mind, stabilizes the nervous system, counters aging and reduces stress to name a few.

Scented Candles

     Aromatherapy Scents

-Orange                            -Pine

-Cotton Candy                 -Tea tree

-Grapefruit                       -Lime

-Strawberry                      -Eucalyptus

Natural Cosmetics Oil

         Additional Scents

-Peppermint                       -Coffee

-Lavendar                           -Chocolate

-Lemongrass                      -Vanilla



   Exclusive Terpene Scents

-Raspberry Kush 

-Egg Nog (seasonal limited edition)

-Pumpkin Spice Latte (seasonal)

-Live Resin - Mango Kush

-Live Resin - Wedding Cake OG Kush

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