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Since 2009, both my wife and I have had a passion for taking care of patients and trying to help them feel better. As health care providers with over fifteen years of experience in both corporate and military medical services, it has been a calling of ours to helping people feel and get better. We also acknowledge the importance of fresh water, fresh air, and good nutrition being vital to life . Our goal is simple. We want to help you feel your best and experience the rejuvenating experience that our INFUSEologists have to offer. There are a number of potential benefits that you could experience when trying IV vitamin therapy in conjunction with our flavored oxygen bar. Many people swear by this form of rapidly infusing vitamin and mineral infusions directly into the blood stream say they love feeling more energetic and youthful. IV Vitamin Therapy is the most powerful way to naturally boost your energy and overall health. The goal of INFUSEology is simple whether you need to take a quick pit stop to recharge and rejuvenate, book your appointment on line or call us! Whether you just want an infusion and some refreshing oxygen, or are thinking about a tune up for your Botox, just call us! One of our highly qualified medical staff will be out and about to your house, hotel, or conference to give you some time to recharge. 

Don't just take a sip....Get a Drip!!!

*Potential benefits from IV therapy are not guaranteed and Results may vary.

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